Management philosophy of Oneuldo, Realization of the value of today

Oneuldo sweats and take efforts for every single product.

  • Cooperation · Harmony · Collaboration
  • Today that help with each other
    in harmony and cooperation
  • Quality
  • Today that we keep making reliable products with
    the best quality
  • HOPE
  • Health · Happiness · Hope
  • Today that Oneuldo presents hope to customers with good products
    for everyone’s health and happiness

ONEULDO corporate identity

The path of today, CI of Oneuldo

CI of Oneuldo implies the meaning of ‘The path of today and
expresses pure and clean nature and leaves meaning‘
We will walk along a path of nature without going against
the natural law’ using the Chinese character 道(Road, Path).

ONEULDO brand identity

A warm-hearted brand, BI of Oneuldo

BI of Oneuldo is a brand that makes snacks for children,
expressing the heart of parents as temperature (˚C)
with its will to become a warm-hearted brand giving healthier
and delicious snacks with heart of parents.